Never ending journey

I've decided to write this blog having tried various diets over the years with success but followed with weight gain plus a bit more for good measure. I sometimes wonder if this is the body's way of punishing me for having the cheek to lose weight.

Last year I was referred by my GP for a course with Morelife which was very good but for a variety of reasons I had initial success but once again gained what I lost and then added a bit more yet again.

At the same time I joined a gym and have been going at least twice a week for the last year. Around November 2015 I started going three to five times a week and have been ever since. And so the upshot of all this increased exercise is that...... I'm now heavier than I was in November 2015..... disappointed.... definitely.

Now some people may think that... ah yes but muscle is heavier than fat but the fancy scales have shown that actually very little has changed. So all this leads to the obvious conclusion that exercise alone isn't going to change my world.

This may sound obvious to everyman and his dog but there are a lot of site that suggest that increasing activity will lead to weight loss etc.

I'm going to delve into the reasons why weight loss is proving elusive and share all the great information that I've learnt over the years and hope that this may help others encountering similar issues.

The First Step - How many calories do I need a day?

For me this is one of the most interesting factors to understand, various guides and websites offer a vast range of figures and following the wrong one leads to a demoralising result.

Having assessed many versions I've decided to settle on BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), this is a calculation of how many calories you need to consume to maintain your current weight assuming a sedentary lifestyle. The factual basis assumes that you spend 24 hours a day in bed. Even using BMR gives quite a fluctuation in results.

The BMR formula I've settled on is:

(9.99 x Current Weight in Kg) + (6.25 x Height in Cm) - (4.92 x Age in Years) + 5

so for me this looks like this:

(9.99 x 133kg) + (6.25 x 172cm) - (4.92 x 42yrs) = 2202 kcal a day.

Please note this is the calculation for men, the formula for women is:

(9.99 x Current Weight in Kg) + (6.25 x Height in Cm) - 4.92 x Age in Years) -161

For comparison this website suggests I need 2,458K kcal a day.

The NHS Website suggests I need 2,264 kcal to 2,910 kcal a day.

The Calorie King website suggests I need 2,650kcal to 2,850 kcal a day.

As you can see my BMR for a sedentary lifestyle ranges from 2,202 kcal a day to 2,910 kcal a day giving a variation of 708 kcal a day. A pound of body fat is generally accepted to equate to 3,500 kcal so this variation of 708 kcal a day over 365 days could equate to a difference of 74 pounds of fat weight in a year.....ouch. (calculated as 708 kcal x 365 days = 258,420 kcal / 3,500 kcal = 73.8 pounds.