Red Habanero Puree

Serious heat and serious flavour

Scoville heat units (SHU): 100,000 – 350,000

Jalapeño reference point: 15 to 140 times hotter

The habanero is a seriously hot chilli with a citrus-like taste that makes it very popular in, hot sauces, powders and rubs. A perfect chilli to inspire your culinary imagination.

It’s related to the Scotch bonnet pepper?

It certainly is! They are variants of the same species of hot pepper. The habanero is similar to the Scotch bonnet in size at 1 to 3 inches, but its shape is more pod-like. It’s not as squat as the Scotch bonnet. And in terms of heat, they are nearly identical, with some people saying the Scotch bonnet actually beats out the habanero in terms of average heat.

They also both have a fruity flavour that makes these peppers very popular among chefs, both amateur and professional. The Scotch bonnet tends to be a little sweeter than the habanero, but really they are very close. Their differences may come from the regions in which they are grown.

Where are habaneros cultivated?

Habaneros are a South American pepper, unlike the Scotch bonnet which originates in the Caribbean. It hails from the Amazonia region of Peru, but it’s really thought of as a Mexican pepper. The Yucatán Peninsula is the biggest producer of habaneros these days, but it’s grown in many South American and Central American countries, as well as the south-western United States.