This is a very simple and tasty meal cooked up in about 10 minutes. The Piri Piri spices really lift this dish and heat means it's hard to eat this too quickly. The croutons add extra texture and overall I find this a filling low calorie main meal


  • Two Salmon Fillets 250g (430kcal)

  • Third of a bag of Salad ( I use Tesco Watercress and Rocket Salad) (9kcal)

  • Croutons 14g (half a pack 50kcal)

  • Salad Dressing (1 tbsp. 50kcal)

  • Piri Piri Spices (I used Schwartz) I tablespoon


Place Salmon fillets skin side down into medium hot pan with no oil and cook for about 7 minutes or until the skin crisps up. If the pan is too hot the skin will burn and won't be very tasty.

Reduce the heat of the pan to medium and add the Piri Piri Spices to the pan and flip the fillets over to cook through for about 3 minutes or to your preference.

Once cooked remove from the heat, place about a third of a bag of salad to the plate, add croutons and salad dressing, add salmon and enjoy.